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"My Healthy Home® was created in 2002 when I became aware that homes affected our health and wellness.

Homes are sources of potential problems and toxins that contribute to poor indoor air quality and unhealthy conditions.

Our mission is to create healthier living spaces that will better lives and the planet."

-- Caroline Blazovsky, America’s Healthy Home Expert® and CEO of My Healthy Home®
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Caroline Blazovsky, America's Healthy Home Expert® recommends WellisAir Air Purifiers.
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What are Hydroxyl Radicals?

Hydroxyl radicals are found in nature, and they help eliminate odors from the air. Similarly, hydroxyl generators such as WellisAir use a highly advanced technology to recreate the hydroxyl radicals in the air and filter the indoor atmosphere. These hydroxyl atoms convert foreign substances, including VOCs and small particles, into carbon dioxide and water.

Hydroxyl generators do not cause harm and can be safely used around people and delicate materials. They also don't leave behind build up, synthetic odors, chemical smell or other undesirable by-products. This means, hydroxyl generators can be connected, turned on, and run continuously, limiting the measure of personal time for your business.

Hydroxyl air purifiers use a wide scope of UV radiation as the sun normally does to clean and purify indoor conditions. The hydroxyl radicals steal hydrogen from viruses and bacteria and other microscopic pathogens. This tears contaminants apart. The stolen hydrogen is then joined with oxygen to form H20, which evaporates as completely harmless and clean water vapor.


Healthy Home Expert® explains benefits of dehumidifiers

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Healthy Home Expert® Caroline Blazovsky and Examinair® featured on House Smarts TV


How To Test Your Home for Mold and Allergies

mold test kit

How to Test Your Home for Toxins

air test kit

How to Keep Your Home Healthy

Dehumidifiers, purifiers, ventilation and viral protection


As seen in the media, try our state of the art , physician recommended and laboratory analyzed indoor air testing kits. Use our mold test kit, home allergy test kit, VOC test kit, and chemical test kit to create a my healthy home. Excellent for homeowners, allergy patients, physicians, HVAC contractors, real estate and more...

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Mold Testing

Mold Test Kit

Allergy Testing

Home Allergy Test Kit

Indoor Air Testing

How to Test Your Home for Allergies

Home Air Test Kit

VOC Test Kit

Chemical Test Kit

Water Test Kit

Mold Remediation

How to Reduce Allergies in the Home


Healthy Home Products

Home Air Purifier


How to Test your Home for Toxins




"We contacted you due to an oil fired furnace problem that could not be diagnosed by three different HVAC companies that examined the furnace. We had found ourselves with black soot on the walls, ceiling and throughout the house. The local authorities and county officials could not assist us. Ths frustrating situation seemed unsolvable. Then we contacted you.

You listened to our problem and, without our prompting, gave us a process to solve our air problem starting with a laboratory to diagnose the content of the soot. You then gave us the names and phone numbers of companies who could capably do the remediation of the problem. When we asked you for recommended service options, those you suggested were all well thought out and given with reasonable cost effectiveness. You did not ask for or receive any monetary compensation from service companies you suggested we contact. This was indeed a "refreshing" experience.

Now our problem is solved and we are again breathing good air content.

Perhaps one of the most comfortable aspects of your assistance was a feeling of confidence due to your professional approach to solving issues. You conveyed a level of experience and knowledge of air quality we could not find in local HVAC companies or local, county, or other public organizations"

-Doug E. Annandale, NJ


"During the recent sale of my home, the inspection turned up a serious mold problem in an unused attic. After contacting several companies who wanted to charge a fortune just to test, I came across My Healthy Home. Caroline and her staff were professional, pleasant and took a more scientific approach to the problem than anyone I had spoken to. Within just a few days, they were able to set up mold testing and prepare a report. They proved very helpful in providing sound advice and helping us set up a mold remediation plan. With our new house, we've consulted with Caroline on all of our moves and look forward to their help in making a new healthy home."

-Steve K., Berkeley Heights, NJ


"It has been 2 years almost to date since Ruth had to move out of our home because of the air quality within. Imagine what a wonderful feeling to have our house a home to the both of us again. I just don't know what we would have done if it hadn't been for you! When we first spoke I was so discouraged, Imagine having a home and trying to make it that special place to live and then finding out after retiring that you can't live there anymore. That is the nightmare we were living and what you resolved. I don't know if words can express the true admiration Ruth and I have for you and your wisdom about indoor air testing. Your knowledge is great, but your personal interest in us has impressed me the most. You have made yourself our friend while providing us with the resolution to our problems. It would be my wish to come true to meet you and personally be able to thank you. If you should ever be in the State of Maine I invite you to a dinner on us. I write this letter to you in appreciation for everything you have done and I'm hoping to share with others our happy ending, it's because of you our house is a healthy home again."

-Darrell H., Belmont, ME


"Just a note of thanks for your assistance by referring your mold remediation team. We had a previous experience with an insurance referral and there is no comparison! At our office meeting, I passed out your brochures and a description of our wonderful positive results. Appreciatively,"

-Diane, Remax Town & Country Clinton, NJ


"We want to take this time to send you a note to say "thank you" so much for all your help, guidance and valued opinions. We couldn't have gotten through this without you. Your understanding of my situation and your professionalism made it much easier on us. We wanted you to know how much we appreciate your patience and all you did for us. Thank you."

-Carl and Donna Clark, NJ

Make a Healthy Home today, with My Healthy Home.

Make a Healthy Home today, with MyHealthyHome® LLC
MyHealthyHome® LLC has CMR (Certified Microbial Remediation), CIE (Certified Indoor Environmentalist) and CEAC (Certified_Environmental_Allergen_Consultant) certifications, and is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association. Our credentials also include official recognition as a Healthy Homes Specialist from the National Environmental Health Association and Sustainable Design educational background. All work is based on the current standards provided by the EPA, IICRC S500, IAQA, ASHRAE, NEHA as well as New York City and California indoor air quality standards.
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